A heart warming story about how 3 long time friends launched a label in hopes to climb the summits of success to even-tually overcome their shame of only being able to afford a beer with 3 straws. And how 1 guy drank more then his share because the other 2 were talking about feelings and shit. How 1 of the “sharing his feelings” guy quit the label because he's 1) He's got a mangina and 2) he totally flipped out on the guy whose belly was filled with beer. But then came to terms with his anger and returned to the best ever label because the 2 other guys offered him his own beer from the empties they collected....which btw, took for hours to steal from a street dude with ancient art of ninja-ing skills!. Unfortunately for him, they pulled a “buddies unite” and over powered him with fancy escaping moves. The guys returned home to make the best techno records ever, which led them to awesome success. With 3 straws and their determination to rid the world of stupid ass techno, the music industry personally thank them with 4 gold, 2 platinum and like, 6 diamond mp3 awards..pure awesome. True story!

Label mission statement:

We here at Beachcoma aim to not just stimulate your ears, but your fucking brains too. Techno is indeed a music of the body, but that doesnʼt mean it has to be shallow and superfi cial. That is why our track names, cover designs and indeed info sheets are often educational in nature. Just because we are giving you giant ear-boners with the finest techno music doesnʼt mean we canʼt reach around and rub your big, hairy brain. As high school graduates, we feel it is our duty to inform as well as to entertain.

Metope, Pan/Tone and Jake Fairley is Beachcoma

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