PAN/TONE (Live or DJ)

Label Affiliations: Kompakt Records, Areal, Sender, Beachcoma

The Native born Canadian, Sidney Sheldon Thompson aka PAN/TONE has had a prolific career throughout the 12 year course of his musical endeavors. He was one of the first of many North Americans to make the overseas move to Germany in 2003. Currently he resides in Berlin, Germany.

In 2006, his Cereal/Killers Vinyl only imprint was formed in partnership with Kompakt Distributions, enabling him as Pan/Tone to release an 11 part split concept series, in which assembled a co-op of talented friends- Ada, DJ Koze, Gabriel Ananda, Gui Boratto and so forth.

2008 saw the release of Pan/Tone's 2nd album "Skip The Foreplay" on Cereal/Killers.

Remixed for Depeche Mode, Gui Boratto, Fairmont, Deadseal (aka Tone of Arc)

Co-owner of Beachcoma Records

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