Interested in bringing the Beach to your next event?.

For Beachcoma label related showcases, please contact direct for the following DJ/Live acts:

-MAX DAHLHAUS (Beachcoma, Crossfrontier Audio)

-SIGWARD (Beachcoma, Manual Music)

-DEEPFUNK (Beachcoma, Bedrock)

-HERETIC & BURAN (Beachcoma)

-LOS SURUBA (Beachcoma, Suruba)

-LADO (Beachcoma)

-ALI KURU (Beachcoma, Insist Music)

-MATTHEIS (Beachcoma)

-LARS VON LICHT (Beachcoma, Sleeves)


Contact for agency / Beachcoma label related acts:

-SID Le ROCK (Beachcoma, Areal, My Favorite Robot)

-METOPE (Beachcoma, Areal Records)

-RYAN DAVIS (Beachcoma, Traum)

-FAIRMONT (Beachcoma, Border Community, MFRR)

-UNDO (Beachcoma, Factor City, My Favorite Robot)

-PAN/TONE (Beachcoma, Areal, Kompakt)

-SWITCHSt(D)ANCE (Beachcoma, Areal)

-PINK SKULL (Beachcoma, Throne of Blood, MFRR)

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