Tim Xavier (DJ)

Label Affiliates: Tanstaafl, Limited-400, Face to Face

Tim Xavier has transformed his lifelong passion for music into a highly successful career at the forefront of electronic music’s global avant garde. A DJ and producer for over 20 years, as well as a label owner and mastering engineer at

www.manmademastering.com, Xavier continues to push boundaries and advance emerging sounds from deep within Techno’s underground. From his earliest releases on Chicago’s Blueline and Contaminated records that first brought him international recognition, to his critically lauded LTD-400 series of EPs, and his collaborations with fellow American producer Tony Rohr as Afternoon Coffee Boys, Xavier has managed to keep himself positioned as one of Techno’s stalwart innovators, staying true to his unique style of dark, edgy, dance floor productions.

His label projects such as his recently launched Face to Face Recordings imprint (FIIF), and his previous partnership in Clink Recordings have, and continue to demonstrate Xavier’s uncompromising vision and dedication to not only the broad potential of electronic music’s future trends and iterations but also reflect his talents as a one of electronic music’s most sought after mastering engineers – his company Manmade-Mastering boasts an impressive client list that reads as a virtual Who’s Who of the dance music milieu.

Xavier continues to perform as a DJ and tour regularly, deploying his keen ear and deft mixing skills alongside live elements such as loops and effects to create a sonic experience, and dance floor, unlike any other, to audiences from around the world.

2015 promises big things from Xavier and his various projects, with an ever growing list of gigs, a new release on Face to Face from Xavier & Lando, and a forthcoming FIIF sample pack featuring all of the labels contributors over the last year, including Deepchild and Jamaica Suk.

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