ADA (Live or DJ)

Label Affiliations: IRR, Areal, Kompakt, Pampa Records

Ada’s journey begins with a coincidence. Band colleague visits singer to make

music. Band colleague forgets groovebox at singer’s house. Band colleague doesn’t come round to pick it up for ages. Half a year later, the boys from Areal Records think they aren’t hearing right when Ada plays them two tracks she’s put together (seemed a waste to have the thing just standing round). That’s the story of how the tracks Blindhouse and Luckycharm (Areal 10) were created, which still bring a nostalgic tear to many people’s eyes, like a signature in memory of the techno years 2002/2003 and the start of Ada’s journey(s).

Although the moment of their creation was particularly special, every moment since has been just as special for her. No matter if she plays records or a live set, primetime or downtempo, you can always feel her personal connection to music. It’s almost as if she was best friends with the songs and treats them as respectfully as she treats her friends. Sure – it wasn’t just coincidence. Ada’s tremendous will to express herself and an already existing steadfastness as a musician helped a lot. With so much singer/songwriter quality, calls for an album soon followed, and in 2004 her debut album “Blondie” became a mega success. From De:Bug to the New York Times, the critics were over the moon. It was to take six long years until the next album. Six years filled with brilliant co-operations, expressive remixes (such as “Grand Canyon” for Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl – released on her compilation CD “Adaptations – Mixtape #1” on Kompakt), and various singles. In addition, she has been keeping the “Cologne style” flag flying with the magnificent group “Cologne Tape” since 2009.

Her legendary live shows took her once around the world and back again before her new album “Meine zarten Pfoten” was released on DJ Koze’s label Pampa Records in 2011. Hamburg concert hall tycoon and star author Tino Hanekamp writes: “In the broadest sense of the word, it’s pop. But ultimately it’s music that exudes so much warmth and tranquillity that it puts even the greatest bundle of nerves into a state of ultra-fine-tuned receptiveness.”

And so the journey continues. Ada is sitting on her train, looking out of the window, enveloped by the most beautiful melodies. The warm sound of the railway tracks knows only one direction.

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