JP JANZEN (Von Spar, Cologne Tape, Magazine, Areal, Italic)

When it was finally clear to the ever logical JP Janzen, that the role he had always adopted at parties was incorrect (terrible dancer, too much money for drinks) he decided to change it forever from then on. Namely instead of being a consumer he would be the one who chose and put the music on and comes home with money instead of the complete opposite.

JP Janzen is part of that producer-collective Von Spar, the cologner allstar-clique Cologne Tape

(w/ Ada, Jörg Burger, Barnt, Popnoname, etc) and worked as drummer for the likes of The Field, Owen Pallett and Scout Niblett.

His musical work is strongly influenced by dislike of the constrictions of conventions of style.! Despite this quirky bent, in his music over the last years one hears an affinity to a drifty beat some might call teutonic, synth dominated music of the 60s and 70s and four to the floor orientated contemporary electronic music.

He has released with Von Spar parallel albums (Lado,Tomlab, Italic), remixes for artists like Henrik Schwarz and Kunijuku (Mule Music), sampler passages for Output and Boxer Recordings, Maxis on Areal and Irr, remixes from Bamt, Prins Thomas, Rebolledo, Ada, John Tejada, etc. and adapted Can’s Ege Bamyasi in collaboration with Stephen Malkmus (Matador/Domino). As with Cologne Tape he released an EP (Magazine) celebrating the overboard substance enriched late night sessions.

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Von Spar / E-O-T-R-Mix by Forgul on Mixcloud