METOPE (DJ or Live)

Label Affiliates: Areal, Sender, IRR, Beachcoma

Metope’s tracks sometimes seem as if they longed to turn their digital being into real flesh.

Unable to achieve this, they try to imagine what it would be like, by using bit reduction processes to simulate half forgotten thoughts. After years of calculations and communications with the spirit of a long forgotten master called „Sid“, they were still dissatisfied and

they still didn’t know what being human feels like, ...they had not even the faintest idea. But one day this frustrating situation came to an end. Metope played a few beautiful, yet slightly melancholic chords, recorded them and nearly went crazy when he realised what had happend:............."my love feels digital" he said to himself........ “my digital feels love“ appeared on the screen...

Metope (born Michael Schwanen) has been producing electronic music for almost 20 years. He founded his label Areal Records with his good friends Basteroid and Konfekt in 2001. Through his releases on Areal he was soon being invited to perform live at clubs and festivals worldwide. In 2005 he released his first full-length album, “Kobol” which received critical acclaim for it's dark and original take on what a techno LP should be. Over the years Metope has also made a name for himself as a remixer, putting his touch on artists such as Depeche Mode, Gabriel Ananda, Lexy and Fairmont.

In 2007 he began playing live as the Cereal Killers along with Areal label mate Ada, and friends Jake Fairley and Pan/Tone. In 2008 Metope and Basteroid opened the Areal sub-label IRR (International Records Recordings) with Ada as A&R. The label was instantly heralded by both the press and DJ's for the productions of John Daly, DJ Koze and Ada. Towards the end of 2009 Metope started to DJ professionally. Pryer to this he had kept this passion to himself and done so only in the shadows. He is now also experimenting with a combined live-set-DJ performance, using Traktor and a Native Instruments Maschine. 2009 also saw Metope establish Beachcoma Recordings with Canadian friends Pan/Tone and Fairmont. The three have now started to produce and perform live as a trio under the name Beachcoma.

Metope's releases in 2010 included “Defender” on IRR, followed by “Betaowl” on Areal and “Spartak“ on Beachcoma, both in the November of 2010. In 2011 Metope had three more releases on Beachcoma and released his “Atlantic EP“ on the spanish imprint Factor City. In October of 2012 Metope released his album „Black Beauty“ on Areal Records. To this day several releases on Areal and Beachcoma followed, as well as remixes for Pascal FEOS, Ada and Sid Le Rock on My Favorite Robot.

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