SwitchSt(d)ance (DJ)

Label Affiliates: Beachcoma, Areal Records

SwitchSt(d)ance is a difficult name to memorize but the music is pretty catchy. It sounds strange at first, confusing even, some sort of beat out of rhythm, too slow, too dense, too unknown, too naked, too real. There are lots of definitions you can choose from: electronic, hypnotic, gothic, psychedelic, melodic, organic, minimalistic, futuristic, introspective. But besides cliches, it is all about music for the brain or brain music, because if you pay attention, if you take time to understand it, these melodies and beats take hold of you, they feed your mind and embrace your body, making you feel like your floating over the dance floor. If you think you’re going to a club to chat or flirt, think again or come later. Here it’s all about you and the music - its hypnotic and retro arpeggiators, sometimes out of tune or rhythm, introspective soundscapes - and the deep journey you get into.

Marco Antão is the man behind the name, reminiscence of a skateboard maneuver. Born in early 80's, Marco is Portuguese with heritage from Goa, India. He is one of the resident DJs from Lux club, in Lisbon, status owned over three year ago, when he won Via Heineken competition. Fresh and passionate, his electronic music also made appearances at Europa Club, Faktory Club, Boom Festival, just to name some places around Portugal. Holland, Poland, Spain and Angola already danced to this noisy guy, what about you?

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